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Keyshia Cole Hopes Daniel Gibson Moves On With A New Woman

Charlamagne Tha God was surprised when Keyshia Cole declared that she wants Bobbie to move on with another woman because it means that she’s truly over him.

Charlamagne Tha God: I read that he said he failed you as a husband. The first step is admitting it. he wants to do right, he don’t want it to fall apart.
Keyshia Cole: it’s a lot of admitting and it’s a lot of doing wrong. It just gets tired. … Recently, I told him –I hope you really find that woman and you be good to her.
Charlamagne Tha God: Ahh, that hurts! I want to be with you and you telling to go find another woman?
Angela Yee: That’s how you know a girl is over you when she’s like ‘listen, I hope you learned a lot and I hope you become a better man for the next woman.’ Keyshia Cole: Yeah.

Watch the full interview where Keyshia Cole talks masturbating, her interest in dating again, upcoming reality show and more.

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